Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vultures Quartet with Schuyler Tsuda


I met the London-based Vultures Quartet in Berlin.  I already knew Will Connor from the band as he was a friend and colleague from our days at the University of Hawaii, where we got our Master's degrees.  They were on a European tour, and I was traveling around Europe for the first time so Will invited me to watch them play at Staalplaat then perform with them at their second show of the evening at a place called the Loophole where we joined forces with PAS from Brooklyn and Philippe Petit from France.  I liked the Vultures and PAS so much that I had them headline the Spark Festival in Minneapolis a year later.  Will and I, in conversations, decided to take the opportunity and record some material while the Vultures and I were both in Minneapolis, and we did.  "Sui Generis" was the result, and the album was released on an experimental Polish label called Zoharum Records earlier this year.  Apparently, it is doing quite well in Europe!  "Sui Generis" features Will Connor on scrap metal and wind instruments, Anthony Donovan on electric bass, electronics and found objects, Matt Chilton on laptop and modular synth and myself on sound sculpture and electronics.  Listen for free below, and purchase a CD through Zoharum or the Bandcamp page!

Vultures Quartet website

Vultures Quartet with Schuyler Tsuda on Zoharum Records

Vultures Quartet Bandcamp page

Produced by the Vultures Quartet and Schuyler Tsuda
Recorded by Schuyler Tsuda
Mixed by Anthony Donovan
Mastered by Will Connor