Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clones of the Queen


I first saw Clones of the Queen at a small bar in Chinatown, Hawaii.  They blew me away.  The sound system at the bar was sub-par, but through the low mid tunnel and the 4kHz shred I could hear in my mind's ear what a great band they were and how they should have sounded.  I became good friends with their electronics wizard, Matthew McVickar, and after inviting him to play a noise show together and giving him a hand with some additional mixing for his live set, I conjured up the audacity to recommend myself to mix their next album.  Not only did he say "yes," he immediately asked me to record and produce it!  I feel very lucky to have been able to work with one of my favorite bands, who opened for the Cure AND Toro y Moi just days before the release.  We all put a lot of love into this album, and I believe that this is easily my most solid production and mixing work to date.  It's a clean and smooth but also warm, analog-sounding album with thousands of subtle moves under the hood.  I approached each track with different outboard gear and software as well as different mix aesthetics.  It was a complex album to produce and mix, and it's the one I'm the most proud of today.  Stream the entire album below and purchase a CD via Bandcamp!

Clones of the Queen website

Clones of the Queen on Bandcamp

Produced by Schuyler Tsuda and Matthew McVickar
Recorded and Mixed by Schuyler Tsuda
Mastered by Roman Vail